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Are Squirrel, Pigeons, Raccoons, Roof Rats or other unwelcome guests attacking your solar PV system? Have you noticed a drop in your system production due to chewed wires? You may need our squirrel guard system to protect your solar system.

Install a pest abatement system by My Squirrel Guard before it’s too late. Animals and birds can cause significant damage to the wiring of your solar panels and you.

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Our expertise enables you to save hundreds of dollars in repairs. The My Squirrel Guard fastener is designed for the simple installation of a solar protection barrier against birds and small animals. Installed correctly, it will provide years of protection and will not void your solar panel warranty. For best results, use our squirrel guard wire along with our fasteners. Simple to install and can be completed in a few hours.

Step 1

First, assemble the two parts of the fastener. Insert the straight portion of the hook into the hole in the washer. The silver side of the washer should be inserted first. 

Step 2

Insert the washer about an inch through the hook as this will provide sufficient wire to grip with a pair of pliers later in the installation process.

Step 3

Once on the roof, check under the solar panels for birds, squirrels and other small animals. Remove any nest from below the panel/s by lifting the panel/s where the nests are and removing any nests, babies, eggs, etc.

Why My Squirrel Guard?

Are Squirrel, Pigeons, Raccoons, Roof Rats, or other unwelcome guests attacking your solar PV system? Have you noticed a drop in your system production due to chewed wires? You may need our squirrel guard system to protect your solar system.

Install a pest abatement system by My Squirrel Guard before it’s too late. Animals and birds can cause significant damage to the wiring of your solar panels and you

Solution-Based Service

Whether you trying to stop squirrels, birds, or other animals from getting at your solar panels, Squirrel Guard can help! Squirrel Guard has consistently met and exceeded the expectations of our clients to help maintain their property.

Squirrel Guard can provide an owner with:

  • Major savings
  • Less pest-related headaches
  • Peace of mind
  • And more!

Extensive Experience

As good neighbors, we treat our customers like family, earning their trust through consistent communication and unrivaled customer service. Aided by the board and associate-certified entomologists on staff and cutting edge equipment, you can rest easy we’ll solve your pest problem, guaranteed.

Our Testimonials

The squirrels began building nests under our solar panels only a couple years ago. But this spring they’ve been extra busy. Shortly after removing a 2nd nest myself this year. They quickly came back just a couple days later and build a 3rd. Enough is Enough… Time to stop the madness before the squirrels cause some serious electrical damage! I reached out to Squirrel Guard and CK was great! He gave me a complete rundown on his products and had a crew out to our home quickly to eliminate our squirrel issues. The crew did an Excellent job! They quickly removed the current nest, Cleared out all the nest Debris, Installed the guards and did a soft wash of our panels! A 5-Star Great Job at a Fair Price! Thank You!

Dean Sanderson

Crew showed up on time and got right to work. They are a well organized team. All nests were removed and guards were installed. They made sure to clean up any debris that had fallen off the roof. Owner C.K is very accessible and answers all questions. Very fair price

Pauline West

Great job done by CK and his team. Very professional in terms of proactive and upfront communication around what is included in the service, cost, and warranty for the work. Work was completed promptly, followed by receiving pictures of work completed. The crew worked in a very systematic and coordinated fashion and completed the job in an hour or so. Overall, a great vendor / service provider if you want to get critter guard installed. I am very happy with the work done by CK and his team.

Omkar Inamdar

I hired this company to take care of a problem I was having with my solar panels. Birds were nesting under the panels. I contacted them and spoke with C.K. who was very helpful. The company immediately responded and came to our house. They communicated with the solar company and had the measurements and specifics needed to complete the job. They came quickly, removed the nest, cleaned the panels and the gutters. They did an excellent job and I highly recommend them.

Christine Gibbons

They came out within a week of my request. The installation was quick. The squirrel guards are surprisingly clean and neat looking. I will recommend them to my friends.

Lee Purtill


The My Squirrel Guard system is a pest control company preventing animals from damaging your solar PV systems. No squirrel guard system company in the United States prevents pests from messing with your solar panels and at more reasonable pricing than us. We guarantee it!

Squirrels, pigeons, raccoons, and other pests don’t stand a chance! We believe in long-term thinking which means we value your safety, servicing, and satisfaction. We have solutions for all of your squirrel guard system problems! 

All it takes is a small opening for these little guys to make their way in. At My Squirrel Guard, we assessed and secure any and all possible entrances for these critters.  Our friendly pest control technicians will inspect your business or residential property and determine the course of action.

Once the hot spots have been identified, we’ll design a comprehensive plan, ensuring your pests are eliminated! Our squirrel guard system does more than prevent squirrels. We provide protection from common pests like raccoons, birds, rats, and more.

There isn’t a faster or more thorough way to eliminate repair costs than by My Squirrel Guard system You have nothing to lose– except the pest!

Our critter guard system works with almost all solar panels that have a frame around them which is probably over 98% of all residential solar panels installed. Our system will work with almost any solar panel that has a lip. What is needed is a frame with a lip around the bottom edge, where it rests on the racking. Very few solar panels do not have any lip at the bottom. Solar panels that do not have a lip may still have mounting holes which may be used to attach the hook.

The amount of time required to install a squirrel guard around the perimeter of your solar panels will depend on the size of your solar array as well as the layout of your panels. A simple array of 20 panels laid out in a rectangle can take just a couple of hours while a more complex layout with a non-rectangular configuration could take 4-5 hours. While it is possible to install the guard on your own, it is much easier if you have 2 people installing the guard together. Make sure that you do not leave any areas that are not covered as squirrels will find a way in through these openings. Please view our gallery for installation examples that could help you prepare for your installation.

The Squirrel Guard kit includes 100′ of our PVC-coated galvanized steel wire mesh along with our easy to install squirrel guard fasteners (clips) that are designed to work with most brands of solar panels. Each kit comes with 100 fasteners. A 100′ wire installation requires between 75-80 clips so you will have sufficient for a 100′ installation.

Professional installers usually charge between $7 – $12 per linear foot. With a DIY kit, you can do this for $1.30 or less per linear foot. If you need 150 linear feet installed, the savings could be over $1000. If you are located in New Jersey, we offer an installation service starting at $8 / linear foot including materials. Costs in New Jersey will be slightly higher if the roof pitch is greater than 25 degrees and / or the panels are close to the roof edges. We also install in New York City, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and parts of upstate New York. Prices for States outside New Jersey are slightly higher depending on distance from our office. We use our own squirrel guard materials so you can be confident that the materials you purchase from us are of the highest quality and will provide years of service. If you would like a professional install, please call us at 973 408 9110.