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Are Squirrel, Pigeons, Raccoons, Roof Rats or other un-welcome guests attacking your solar PV system? Have you noticed a drop in your system production due to chewed wires? You may need our squirrel and bird deterrent system to protect your solar system. 

Install a pest abatement system by My Squirrel Guard before it’s too late. Animals and birds can cause significant damage to the wiring of your solar panels and your roof shingles. Chewed wires can result in non-production of electricity and could also result in roof fires.

Our critter guards are designed to be easily installed and provide years of protection to your solar array.
The squirrel and bird screens are made of galvanized steel which is PVC coated for appearance as well as an additional layer of protection from nesting squirrels and birds.

Squirrel Guard and Bird Guard Kits are exactly the same product so our kits will protect against all kinds of birds, squirrels and other critters. One guard, multiple layers of protection.  

The ​simple, affordable DIY System to protect your home solar system from attack by Squirrels, Pigeons, Raccoons, Roof Rats, etc. Get a solar panel pest control kit from a company that has been installing pest abatement systems for 10+ years. We have installed over 2,000 of these systems so unlike our competitors, we sell exactly what we use daily.