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How To Install Squirrel Guard On Solar Panel?

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How to install squirrel guard on solar panel? Go through the following steps for a quick guide on installation: Step 1 Go through the checklist before you install the Squirrel Guard on solar panel perfectly. Step 2 Assemble the two parts of the fastener. Insert the straight portion of the hook into the hole in […]

Steps To Be Followed Before Installing Squirrel Guard

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What you will need to install your first squirrel guard: 1. Ladder2. Harness (recommended)3. Squirrel guard kit (wire and fasteners)4. Wire cutter5. Gloves (recommended)6. Knee pads (recommended)7. Garbage bag Recommendations: 1. Confirm availability – Make sure you have sufficient material to cover the entire installation. You do not want to find yourself a few feet […]