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What you will need to install your first squirrel guard:

1. Ladder
2. Harness (recommended)
3. Squirrel guard kit (wire and fasteners)

4. Wire cutter
5. Gloves (recommended)
6. Knee pads (recommended)
7. Garbage bag


1. Confirm availability – Make sure you have sufficient material to cover the entire installation. You do not want to find yourself a few feet short of material as this will result in the entire system being deemed useless as squirrels and birds will still be able to get under the system and build nests. The squirrels will chew on the wiring causing panel damage which may require panel replacement. My squirrel guard only offers rolls in 100 linear feet lengths and fasteners are offered in 50 and 100 sets. 
2. Always good to have a friend – Make sure you have a sturdy ladder and fasten it to the roof. We recommend you not to attempt the installation alone even if you are the only one on the roof. Make sure you have a companion to assist in case there is any accident or you need someone’s assistance to call for help. 
3. Don’t fall – Upon getting onto the roof, secure yourself using a harness to either an anchor, chimney or something secure to prevent falling off the roof.
4. All clear – Check under the panels for nests, birds and animal. Be specially vigilant to check for babies and eggs. You can easily do this by bending and looking under the panels between the racking. Check from all possible angles as squirrels left behind can cause major damage to the wiring of your panels as they will chew anything to avoid starvation. 
5. Clean up the mess first – If you discover a nest, we recommend lifting the panel and removing the nest. Make sure you clean up the nest to avoid long term damage to your shingles and roof. Make sure you bring a garbage bag to remove all nests. You may want to bring a separate small box or bag to remove babies and or eggs that may be in the nest. This box could then be placed under a tree or in a branch where the mothers can find their babies.
6. All set – Once the nests have been removed, you are ready to begin the installation of solar panel squirrel guard. Refer to our “installing your first squirrel guard” blog for detailed installation instructions and pictures.

If you need any kind of help with installing a wire mesh to protect your solar panel, contact us now and we will respond at the earliest.