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Why Is There A Need To Install Critter Guard?

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Solar panels offer a cleaner, more efficient approach to address energy needs. However, outdoor pests like pigeons and squirrels, tend to wreak havoc on solar systems, which could end up costing installers and homeowners more time and money in the future. Pigeons and other birds nest under arrays leaving a mess which results in panel […]

Steps To Be Followed Before Installing Squirrel Guard

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What you will need to install your first squirrel guard: 1. Ladder2. Harness (recommended)3. Squirrel guard kit (wire and fasteners)4. Wire cutter5. Gloves (recommended)6. Knee pads (recommended)7. Garbage bag Recommendations: 1. Confirm availability – Make sure you have sufficient material to cover the entire installation. You do not want to find yourself a few feet […]