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Solar panels offer a cleaner, more efficient approach to address energy needs. However, outdoor pests like pigeons and squirrels, tend to wreak havoc on solar systems, which could end up costing installers and homeowners more time and money in the future. Pigeons and other birds nest under arrays leaving a mess which results in panel and roof decay. Small animals like mice and squirrels could chew through wiring, causing system malfunctions and possibly electrical fires. Squirrels can also chew through the shingles and get into the attic of the home resulting in expensive repair and possibility of rain and snow coming through your roof.

squirrel chew wire
Squirrel chews wire

While the above may sound scary and intimidating, it does not have to be. Installing a critter guard can prevent any future damage and expensive repair bills. Precautionary product solutions can be installed to prevent animals from getting underneath rooftop solar panels, while still allowing proper airflow. This is why there is a need to install a critter guard.

squirrel guard
Squirrel Guard installed

We recommend to install a critter guard as soon as possible. Don’t wait to have a squirrel or bird infestation before you decide to protect your solar panels. Don’t wait to find out that your solar panels are no longer providing the energy that your installer promised. Panels covered in bird droppings can be significantly less efficient. Chewed wire may not transfer any of the energy produced. Get peace of mind today by ensuring that your panels are protected from squirrels, pigeons, small birds and rodents. Our critter guard will provide you years of protection against squirrels, birds, roof rats, etc.

Check our website for our complete critter guard kits. If you need guidance to install a squirrel guard or pigeon guard, check out Installation – My Squirrel Guard. If you are not prepared to complete an installation on your own, reach out to us. You can also give us a call at 973 408 9110 and we’ll do our best to connect you with an installer. If you are located in the NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA area, we can professionally install one of our guards for you. With over 2,500 installations over the last 10+ years, we assure you nothing less than outstanding service.

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