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What Is A Critter Guard?

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Solar systems are supposed to have a symbiotic relationship with nature, producing zero-emission energy harnessed from the sun itself. But sometimes animals can get too comfortable underneath panels, inside equipment or near photovoltaic arrays. This shall cause problems that could result in expensive repairs. To avoid these exorbitant-repair calls, install a critter guard. But what […]

Steps To Be Followed Before Installing Squirrel Guard

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What you will need to install your first squirrel guard: 1. Ladder2. Harness (recommended)3. Squirrel guard kit (wire and fasteners)4. Wire cutter5. Gloves (recommended)6. Knee pads (recommended)7. Garbage bag Recommendations: 1. Confirm availability – Make sure you have sufficient material to cover the entire installation. You do not want to find yourself a few feet […]